BBC Radio Lincolnshire

We had the mystery phone call from William Wright on Tues 8th August… listen here (40 mins into the clip)  you will hear our head chef Matt answering questions about how to run a busy kitchen…

Matt has been head chef here at Seaholme Bar and Grill since we opened about 7 weeks ago. He has been a chef for 15 years, starting out as a Chef in the Army some 10 years ago..

Some of the questions William asked Matt were:

  1. “Is being a chef hardworking?”

Matt: “It is definitely hardworking, it is long hours but the end result when delivery of food goes out to diners it is more than satisfactory! In the “chef-fing” industry you have got to have passion and drive to keep going and I certainly have that!”

2. “Do you enjoy cooking at home, if you cook all day?”

Matt: “I do cook occasionally but I do try to get out of it if I can!”

3. “How is business going since you opened 6 weeks ago?”

Matt: “It is great – the locals have been really supportive and holiday makers are also coming in to visit which is great. Ashley the owner is doing something he has always dreamed of – running a bar and I am running a kitchen – something I always dreamed of.. so we are both living the dream right now and loving every minute! We have had some great reviews on Facebook – how beautiful our steaks are and what great quality the food is; so that is really good to hear!”

4. “What would Gordon Ramsay think if he came to visit? Wait he’s outside… only kidding!” jokes William

Matt: “Gordon would love the food! I am doing my best to ensure Ashley has a successful restaurant”

5. “What do you do when you are not busy chef-fing?”

Matt: “I am working a lot of hours, but I do enjoy spending time with family and friends when I am not at work. However, I am always thinking about work even when I am not here.. thinking about the menu, specials for the week and preparing for ideas when the seasons over to ensure we get some regular local customers – I am currently working on a ‘couples menu’